Open Letter to President Putin

Dear President Putin:

This letter is to encourage you to finally let Donald Trump go. Isn’t it time you reconsider your relationship with Donald Trump? Without your assistance, he is a beaten man soon to face the consequences for his years of deception, fraud, not paying his taxes and thereby cheating the American people. What returns has Trump produced for the Russian people given all your efforts in securing him the presidency and the global spotlight he craves?

It is true that under Trump, our country has been embarrassed and we have  become embroiled in conflict: republicans vs democrats, Trumpers vs Never Trumpers, Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter, white supremacists vs anti-fascists, and many others. Perhaps other than personal satisfaction in seeing what you have wrought, how has this helped or improved the lives of the people of Russia or your standing in global politics?

Western economic sanctions leveled against Russia which your lackey, Trump, was supposed to prevent has caused significant loss in capital, as a result, this has led to hardships and protests in your country. According to the World Bank, Russia may be heading into a recession. Its “GDP could contract by as much as 6.0 percent in 2020, an 11-year low.” Trump is an empty well. You have gotten the most that you will ever get from this wannabe authoritarian. He has failed at everything in his life and does not have the intelligence or the attention span to sustain any success. Trump conned his way into the White House and now feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the job. Do you really want to be associated with his upcoming colossal failure and humiliation?

Former Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, in 2017 penned a prophetic Facebook post extremely critical of Trump. He referred to Trump and his administration as “total weakness” and indicated that Trump is feebleminded since he was “fully outwitted” by his opponents. Medvedev correctly predicted that Trump would be “knocked down a peg” and that ultimately steps would be taken “to remove him from power”.

President Putin you are a smart man so why would you voluntarily associate yourself with such a world loser? Free yourself. It is time to let Donald Trump go and let him meet his eventual fate. Your recent reluctance  to engage on the nuclear arms treaty until after the election and your rejection of Trump’s criticism of Hunter Biden is a good and clear sign that you are hedging your bet and finally letting this con man go.

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